Thursday, November 09, 2006

(it is darren hanlon) (he is from Gympie, Australia)

eeeeeeeeee!! I had my first moment on MySpace where (a celebrity) is my friend, and I feel completely, totally special, even though I am one of more than 1600. He, or someone in his employ, hit "approve" next to a picture of my eye, and it's like we connected! Electrons that touched electrons that touched electrons (times a lot more times than I can type) that touched him touched me!! And then I found out he likes Tucson, and it's all falling into place: we'll marry, and move to Tucson. I keep trying to find the flaw in this plan, and the only one I can find is that I haven't been to Australia to meet him yet, so please excuse me, but I have some planning to do.

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