Friday, November 24, 2006

There is no way 2 describe the terror this tableau fills me with. The bear is eyeless.


Anonymous said...

The "baby" is obviously an old hag who has more than her fair share of plastic surgery to thank for the "baby doll" look-- think carol channing. Check out the funky wig and the hardened facial features. No facial expressions here.

As for her love children, they could use a little coor3ective surgery but the bear is probabaly mercifully better off without the ability to see his or her grizzled snout. Obviously the old lady tried "just a little plastic surgery like hers" on the mouth but, alas. The rarebit seems to be the most normal of the bunch but what looked originally like a nose bob upon closer inspection reveals itself to have been a nose amputation. Which is all for the best living with an old crone otherwise he would be constantly complaining, " smells like depends"

Carrie said...

thanks, dad. you always make everything creepier!