Thursday, November 16, 2006

how i'm overcoming 'love': reality.

here's how it would go. "hmm, so you work in a pet store. yeah. what's that like? my cats really like you. probably because you smell like cat food. oh, you have bills and things like everyone else? oh, you like phish more than radiohead? that's a cool car you have there. oh, it doesn't run? is that why it's always parked outside your work/home? oh, right, you live in the pet store. yeah. what's that like? not that great? hmm. oh, you like dogs more than cats? well, let me just make my cat food purchase and be gone from here."

with this simple exercise, i become in control of these obsessive crush feelings! and you can, too! just think of a few minor things which in a real person wouldn't kill the relationship, but which sufficiently lop off the prettiest flowers of a crush.
i think i'm prepared to go cat food shopping this Sunday. Then the cats will have all the food they need when I go home for Thanksgiving.

Did you know they sell boxing bags at Bed Bath and Beyond? It's true. EVERLAST

maybe this is from all the meditative navel-contemplating we did in kundalini yesterday, but i'm having one of those days where i keep hearing eddie izzard in my head saying "what's all this, please?" not referring to an american indian headress, but rather to the whole entire material world around me.

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TB said...

"but which sufficiently lop off the prettiest flowers of a crush."

i love