Sunday, November 12, 2006

blue state country and western

I think it might not be all that satisfying to be the person who came up with genre names like "shoegazer" and "Twee Pop" and "Jungle" "Drum n Bass" "Ambient" etc. Because you don't really get credit for it or anything, and if you ever tell people you made that up, like at parties, they probably wouldn't believe you. It's kind of a random claim to fame, because even if it's true, it's not like you saved a life or did anything all THAT impressive. Plus you could never prove it, really. Even if you could prove you were the first person to put it in print, what if your awesome shut-in friend actually said it in conversation through the mail-slot of his apartment? No one would ever know.

Anyway, I'm going to invent a genre name, and then the appropriate musical style to go along with it. And I'm going to tell people about it at parties.

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