Tuesday, October 28, 2008

things i do that i love:

  • have a boyfriend (well, have MY boyfriend)
  • have two cats (MY two cats)
  • play games
  • make cookies
  • travel
  • not drink alcohol (feels great!)
  • box (even if I've missed about 4 classes in a row; i like to hit)
  • have my own place
  • wash my hair infrequently
  • have plants that are still alive
  • drink perrier and ginger beer when feeling extravagant

things that i do that i do not love

  • be in school
  • take lots of math classes with bad teachers
  • have enemies
  • have my own place which often has no hot water
  • sing and play the guitar
  • not have a dryer that works
  • take home exams
  • group projects
  • papers
  • teach (sometimes)

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