Friday, October 24, 2008

nyc (sung like from Annie)

Had a delightful trip to New York with my mom, and today with Dad, too. We ate like EVERYTHING. Yakitori is my new favorite food. Bought the following: blue velvet jacket (but not like in the movie, or the song), waterproof boots, eyeliner (side note: Mom bought this for me at a department store, where they put mascara on me with a battery-powered mascara wand!!!!. true story. they said they were the only place in the world that had them, which means I was only sharing eye diseases with New Yorkers, I guess. As if I need more crap to go wrong with my eyes), and two shirts (two CUTE shirts). Got a CD of classical music--Emily Dickinson poems set to music by my mom's friend, but that was for free! Went to Wicked, which was completely awesome! Better than the book. Saw three of my own friends (N, N, and S). Got interviewed by CNN, turned down and interview with the Today Show.

Then came. And sat. In the loudest airport in the world. For four hours. There is a baby screaming like I have never, ever heard a baby scream. My eardrums are bleeding. And just when I think an announcement cycle is done (please attend to your bags, please note this gate change, please bring your own headphones), some alarm or another goes off, the place suddenly because a disco of red strobe lights, the guy on the phone next to me starts arguing that the capital gains tax is too high. Things that make me want to cry and/or hit someone.

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