Thursday, October 02, 2008

I got tear duct plugs (punctal plugs) today. It doesn't mean I can't cry anymore, it means I cry more because the tears don't have a drain. Which is just great as I had to go through 10 tissues in therapy today.

I don't have any money!. Tissue can get expensive. But then again, so can tear duct plugs. I am poor now.


ginny said...

How is it that I used to be able to recite almost every word of that episode (or so it seemed) and I still forgot how funny it was! I mean, I totally forgot how funny!

Also: wow! Tear duct plugs! It sounds a little bionic: bionic _tears_. (Bionic emotions?) Does this mean you can wear contacts again now if you want?

Carrie said...

Have you seen volume 5 has come out? But do any of them have Waiting for Edward??