Thursday, January 03, 2008

update! on my blog!

no actual updates have materialized for some time. But while I've been doing stuff out here in the real world, I've composed several updates in my head. I just can't remember them long enough to write them down. And when I do remember, it turns out they're not that interesting. Story of my blog.

Here are two things I've seen while on extended stay in New Orleans:

-Brangelina's hot pink placeholder neighborhood in the 9th ward, where environmentally friendly homes can be sponsored and rebuilt. It was actually really neat. Here is a link. Oh, Brad Pitt, I bet that hat cost more than $500! And your eyebrows are so sincere! If I donate $500, can I have your cute hat?

-Galactic at Tipitina's on New Years Eve, with Mr. Lif, and two brothers from Jurassic 5! It is now one of my all-time favorite live shows. I managed to have a hangover with just 1.5 drinks. They were champaigne. The hangover is still in effect (48 hours later). But the music was fantastic!

Then in Mississippi, I spent a long weekend reading children's books, and putting puzzles together, and playing GoldenEye on N64 with my brother. I've completely regressed, and it's great! But then the last night with my mom, we watched Agatha Christie and drank cognac, so acting like I was 72 for one night averaged out the rest of the time okay.

For Christmas: I got robots. Skippy and Cornpone.

(click play for audio effect of next paragraph:)

Today: Mom and I organized all the Christmas decorations before putting them away. This involved careful sorting of the ornaments, many of which have been unused for years. There is no way to describe the terror I felt. Sometimes the ornaments filled me with nostalgia. Sometimes horror: a loose angel's wing (where was its angel?); Jack Frost's face rubbed off leaving just a blank dummy looking in through the window at you; a sinister-looking Santa. Sometimes I would just hold up an ornament with a quizzical look on my face until mom noticed me and took it from my hands to throw away (a walnut crowned with tiny tinsel? A tiny gold foil candelabra the size of my pinky fingernail? Where do these things come from?) Finding a motheaten red bird ornament, with Mika's "Over my Shoulder" playing the background, became the most beautiful moment we could have hoped for, given the materials.

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