Monday, January 28, 2008

sarks, shmoon, and bulats

TV: I realized I could save a lot of time by reading the recaplets of Heroes rather than actually watching the whole episodes. The reviewer has the decency to mention, even in the miniature recaps, when Peter takes his shirt off. The only thing I really miss out on is Hiro being adorable, and seeing Alias's Sark as a bad-guy again. Nothing major. I just kept watching stuff because the Netflix account that I'm using seemed to let me watch infinity hours. It was like a shmoo! I got nothing done! My own personal economy and util-assessments failed horrendously! Anyway, I could write some about how I felt about the show. Basically, I was disappointed because I'd been "saving" it for so long, and I thought it was too scattered to hold together well.

Music: Everyone who blogged about this singer-songwriter seemed to have a crush on her. I scoffed at them! But now I am one of them. How can you watch this video without wanting to put on a skeleton suit and dance around and be her BFF?

basia bulat, "In the Night":


Katie said...

Plus, autoharp action!!
I quite agree with you. I want to be her BFF now too.

Carrie said...

Apparently, her album is all autoharp and ukulele, and other adorable instruments. I'm glad that you like her, too, because I don't think I ever told you I had "Lollipop" stuck in my head all weekend after you put the video on your website. Now we have shared darling, darling videos.