Monday, January 07, 2008

THIS should provide adequate sustenance for the Dr. Who marathon

  • For $7.95, I got TC Surf N Skate, the old Nintendo game. I was always so jealous of my friends and cousin who had this game. Now I can play it all I want!

  • There is some sort of football game tomorrow, here in New Orleans! For some reason, I'm wearing a bedazzled purple/orange tiger T-shirt! And I've put off my drive back to Austin one more day. How do these things happen?

  • Oh no!! How DO these things happen? I'm on the second-to-last episode of the first season of Dr. Who (the 2005 incarnation). It's the strangest show I've ever seen! I don't think it's a really good show (maybe it is--it's hard to tell from the middle of a marathon), but I do love it. The premise, basically, is this: a magical man (think Q from Star Trek, but less powerful, and disarmable because most of his abilities come from a phone box called the TARDIS. for real) appears out of no where and takes average joes and janes on adventures through time and space with him because he's lonely. Short of that, there are no rules whatsoever to the kind of adventures they can have. I haven't seen the previous series and movies, so I don't know to what extent the campiness of this one is self-referential. But I can see where obsession might flourish.
  • (Incidentally, the man in the background is a bisexual con artist who pretends to be a US soldier during WWII; he fancies both Rose and the doctor)

  • Speaking of flourishing, so my own horrifying green-slime alien experience unfolded over the past few weeks. It involved my family's Kentwood water dispenser. I asked each of them separately "Don't you think this tastes weird?" and got agreement only from my brother, who always thinks Kentwood tastes weird. I thought I was going crazy. Then we disassembled layers one and two of the cooler, and I saw green slime all inside it! But mom continued to deny that there was anything wrong with the inside of the cooler! It also smelled like death, but mom has no sense of smell, so I can't blame that on the conspiracy. Anyway, it turned out I was right all along, and I saved us all from something dastardly! I'm just like The Doctor!

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