Friday, November 30, 2007

I wish I had a dollar for every time I memorized the sanskrit names to yoga poses instead of studying probability.

When do you wish for a dollar?


Jamie said...

I wish I had a dollar: every time my Dad burped without saying excuse me. Every time my mom needlessly names inanimate objects with a formal title and the first letter of their object name and then invents ludicrous acronyms(example: instead of saying "the flashlight needs new batteries" she says "Oh my! Looks like Mr. F is OUB - get it? 'Out Of Batteries'?". If I could profit off of the daily excesses of my family, I would not need to work.

Anonymous said...

always--I always wish for a dollar

Carrie said...

these are good answers, y'all. i think leigh's payout odds are better, though. jamie, i think you need to wish for higher compensation in those cases.