Monday, July 03, 2006

we are tivo

Original plan was: No TV in house.

New plan is: Build self a TiVo.

Lauren is visiting. I have a new cat, have named him Cringer temporarily (hopefully he will morph into Battle Cat soon; I have his little saddle ready). There is no salt in my house. I have not seen Superman. I initially read the headline "Crack found in foam on shuttle's fuel tank" as some bizarre drug trafficking scheme bust. Sometimes, I imagine a scene like in the Buffy episode "The Gift" when they live in the alternate universe where by a fluke, Buffy didn't come to Sunnydale, and Giles is about to destroy the alternate universe and Anyanka says "You fool! How do you know the other way is any better?" and Giles says "Because it has to be," and of course it is; I imagine this, and I imagine the 2000 election as the fluke where people in 50 years who switched realities would be shocked at how much a different one little supreme court election decision can make. Somehow that idea that I live in the scary universe is consoling, mostly because it's the idea that maybe this isn't all there is. Alternate universes seem pretty common, from what I've seen on TV. I'll do more study of the phenomenon after I build the TiVo.

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