Tuesday, July 18, 2006

eponymous rage

This story keeps breaking my heart today, therefore, I must share it with everyone.

This story is a story about the family my brother stayed with while evacuated in Austin. It's about his main 'foster brother' E, but when E was 3 years old. He'd just healed from a broken leg his older brother had given him--the cast had come off two weeks before. But then because of a miscalculation, and RoboCop reflexes, his dad, in trying to stop him from falling, grabbed and twisted the same leg, and felt it snap.

Later at the hospital, as the social workers descended, E kept sadly wailing, and I picture him so bewildered and upset as he yelled: "Why did you crack me, Daddy? Why did you crack me again?" Which is funny in the context of the social workers being there, but for some reason just the phrase is like the saddest sweetest thing a child could say. I feel all Hallmarky or Lifetimey about it.

Luckily something that made me laugh a lot was this Overheard in the Office today:

Frustrated employee: I'm gonna build a robot named Microchip, and it's going to look like a microchip and it's going to kill people.

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