Thursday, July 20, 2006

letter to mom

dear mom,
i am sorry i forgot whether PM meant morning or evening. i'm sorry i freaked out and asked you what day it was. i was not having a stroke. i am just very tired this week. this tiredness probably also explains my irritability about things like our fast food nation and aclu put-downs. i had looked hopefully to a monthly calendar for an explanation of my irratability, but the calendar offered no clue, which only suggested that it was not hormonal, but rather just who i am. however, if i leave work right now and get some sleep before my early dentist appointment, perhaps i will not be an Angry Young Woman tomorrow (i will be a slightly less angry young woman, just waiting to bake wallace something). also, you may tell dad if you wish that after he suggested i not get this elective dental procedure done, i moved the appointment up by a few weeks. not to be spiteful, but because he's not the boss of me, or my two front teeth. good night.

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