Friday, June 30, 2006

j, on phone to mom

a few weeks ago, a friend sent me an epic series of post cards which cheered me up very much, but which got temporarily lost in the shuffle of the move. the last postcard i got featured a series of quotes from our past, one of which was me saying something like "when you're poor and your life is meaningless, you multitask with whatever's available." it's one of those not-quite-so-funny because it's real quotes. which i will answer in kind, something my friend said on the phone to her mom in december:

No, Mom, everyone knows that Amtrak is spelled with just a 'K' at the end.
No, I don't know why.
Yes, I understand that not literally everyone knows how it's spelled.
Mom! YOU should know how it's spelled, though!
Because we had this exact conversation yesterday!

hearing her say this in my head made me smile for many months to come.

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