Saturday, June 24, 2006

damaged genius

can't. stop. watching. house.

Sometimes I think I could handle being a diagnostician, then I realize I'd still have to walk by needles and blood tests and stuff while at the hospital, even if I were as hands-off as House is, and I'd be constantly either passing out, or saying "eww!" out loud to dissapate the passing outy feelings, and that would probably annoy my fellow doctors. So I guess I can never be on Dr. House's team. Still, he's exactly my type. Tragically.

I tried to imagine what ideal relationship I'd have with house, and I decided, it would be some kind of situation where I can watch him do his work, without his knowing of my existence or anything, so that he stays candid and can't be mean to me. I would also want to stay clear because it seems like if you go to him with a slight cough, you and your entire family will be diagnosed with leprosy by the end of the episode.

Then I realized that's just the relationship we have. Hurray TV!

Today I bought a bed. I just up and bought a bed during lunch. and tomorrow I will have a new bed in my new condo. [UPDATE: it's here!!! See camera phone pictures, right. I missed a baby shower waiting for the delivery, but I still got cake and to see the mom-to-be]


mep said...

The girl who plays Lilly Kane in Veronica Mars also shows up in a House episode: Episode 11, Season 1, "Detox."

Interesting fact.

Carrie said...

yes, she was! and the funny thing is she played the exact same character: spoiled, oversexed, reckless teenager. i think i liked her best in mean girls. i also saw her in a law and order. 99% of the time i think she looks like a space alien, but that other 1% of the time, i think she's cute. and i thought she was funny in mean girls.