Thursday, October 25, 2007

part of the process

Remember when I discovered that listening to the Hives's "Supply and Demand" on repeat didn't get my economics exam studied for? And remember when I discovered that watching the entire third season of Arrested Development didn't get my social psychology paper written? Well, getting Morcheeba songs stuck in my head is not helping me remember terminology and who theorized what in international policy. But it is making everything seem a little more chill.

Angry faces, cursing loud,
Changing places, falling proud
Behind the bomb, no one cares,
Time is money
Were taught to tear
How can we show, how to feel
Situation aint so real
Chopping wood wont stop the rage
We need targets on war we wage
Its all part of the process
We all love looking down
All we want is some success
But the chance is never around

In fact, this makes just as much sense as a theory for international relations as, well, anything else I am reading. Holy. Crap. I. Am. Effed!

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