Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the case of the bum rap!

OK, I got a camera that works! Now I will be able to upload tons of pictures of my cats. Speaking of which, this is what I woke up to (both as an emailed link, and as a representation of how my cat woke me up):

Once in high school, I said something was a "bum rap" and K said "A 'bum rap'? What are you, Encyclopedia Brown?" And even though I read lots of Encyclopedia Brown books (and very, very rarely guessed the ending), now all I can do is picture him going around with an accusatory finger extended, saying "It's a bum rap!" I do remember he had a butch girlfriend, which was cool. And I think his enemy wore a crown, like Jughead from Archie. Was that a style ever? Or are heads just easier to draw with crowns on them? Bugs Meany; that was his name. So that's what those spare brain cells have been remembering all these years!

Apparently, the fashion of the time also involved postage stamps on the crown.

ADDENDUM: I have found this, regarding the crown/hat. And also, there is Encyclopedia Brown fan-fiction. This doesn't exactly surprise me, but it does amuse me! (in idea--I haven't actually read it)

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Ellen said...

I love that video - FINALLY someone understands what it's like living with Herman!