Friday, July 03, 2009

awesome things?

A work conference with really Good People, another trip to Barton Springs, a dinner with geeky ladies, a party where we all had to wear hats, a party where we drank tea, an evening of Sufi devotional music in the hot Texas outdoors, an interview at a spa, joining a gym and going two days in a row, while reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, seeing the Brothers Bloom with Andy, playing D&D, my mom's planned visit next weekend, having half of today off for the holiday, being really good friends with both my cats, seeing Christine this coming Sunday, having Saturday completely free for yoga and working out and invoicing for my work, depositing my paychecks at the bank today, thinking up the name "Rusty Pickens."

This is so tiresome.


rusty pickens said...


Jamie said...

Is RUSTY PICKENS a cat name? Because I want it!