Monday, September 15, 2008

we're gonna have a good time!

After playing Scrabble with my mom, aunt and boyfriend (Andy went out on the first round, with LEANING), I spent the evening performing surgery on my Roomba. It felt weird and wrong, like performing surgery on my own pet. With a screwdriver. But it seems to be feeling better now.

I had a perfectly lovely weekend, finally hosting my chai party. Dear people came, and praised me and my samosas. Some even brought gifts (today is my birthay, technically). Some brought notes so nice I thought I'd well up then and there (luckily, I have diagnosed dry-eye syndrome, which prevents sappiness). But it wasn't even a birthday party! I just have really sweet friends.

And a whole lot of chai and chocolate cakes* leftover.

Which. Is. Awesome.

*Cakes plural! And two of them are homemade!!

But now I have a lot of homework to do. I mean a lot.


Jamie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The image of you performing surgery on your Roomba reminds me . . . of people performing surgery on Summer Glau in Sarah Connor Chronicles! It is a nice image. And I pass it on to you for your birthday!

Leigh said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! And I don't know what a Roomba is so I'll have to look it up. Chocolate Cake, yummmm.

Carrie said...

I haven't seen the new season of the SC Chronicles. Is it still pretty good?

Roomba is my robotic vaccuum cleaner. It's very sweet, but it gets caught up on a lot of things in my apartment, and its software was apparently out of date, so I had to update it.

Thank you both for the birthday wishes! You're the best.