Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my first lesson driving stick shift

chad: [cowering in passenger seat, arms over head] It's just that...there are a lot of pedals down there for you to deal with. And only one of them works the brakes!


Jamie said...

This is not related to your post, but it is a dialogue.
We sit down to dinner.
Mom "No one say the "s" word tonight"
Me (mouthing the words) "SEX?!"
Mom shakes her head no.
Me: "SHIT?!"
Mom shakes her head no.
Mom shakes her head no.
Mom: "It's . . . political."
Me: "Oh! SERBIA!"
Mom shakes her head no.
Several silent moments pass.
Mom whispers to me "Sarah Palin."
Me: "That's a P word."

ginny said...

My first lesson driving stick shift:

Me: aaaa!!!! I am approaching the main road! What do I do! I have to stop! oh my god!!!

Nick: The car is stalled. It has been stalled for at least fifteen seconds. You're ok.

Me: Oh.

ginny said...

Also, Jamie, "SEX YOU UP" was the best answer!

Carrie said...

Yes, SEX YOU UP was the best answer, I agree. Although jumping directly to Serbia was an inspired moment as well.

I think stalling is a blessing of first stick shift lessons everywhere.

Leigh said...

First time driving a stick:
I professed to know already and took my mom's '86 Civic to town with Bret in the car. I was doing ok except for when I got to the public library trying to figure out how to make it stay in the parking place. My parents never used the e brake and I didn't know you had to park it in gear. So I made Bret hold it in place until I got back. He loved that.