Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What was that last (now deleted) post even about? I have no idea, and of course you can't be expected to either. Sorry about that. No more posts before 8am.

I haven't posted or written in my Studies blog because my computer has up and died. Which is lame of it, and I tried to explain to it that none of the other computers wants to play with a dead lappy, but it remains dead. I'm sort of in mourning, though there's still hope that if I get a new charger, it will work again. For now, it's just a fragile hunk of junk that I'm forced to carry around with me everywhere. Dumb computer!

It's my third full day at LBS in Mussoorie. India is growing on me more every day, and I'm afraid after all my homesickness and misery, I'll be equally unhappy to return home. No, that's not true, because I can't wait to see my family and my cats and my friends (including Andy, yay!). There are things I won't miss about India, that's true enough. But I have a feeling that I will look back quite fondly on most of this experience for the rest of my life.

Next week, I have the chance to visit an ashram. Which kind of is amazing when I think about it. They're just going to let me stop by and check it out. I'm really looking forward to that, so I hope my bad travel luck doesn't strike on that particular day.

I keep dreaming of Ladakh, and flying! It's the awesomest dream ever!

This update is equally disjointed, but I have no excuse of exhaustion. I guess my excuse is hunger because I'm about to go to dinner right now.

3 comments: said...

Remember that you are a lucky person and all of your travels will be fine. It's like Peter Pan. Think happy thoughts and you will float through the entire thing. Or you will cuss out a ricksha driver, and that's fine too. I'm glad you're starting to really settle in.

Katie said...

I, for one, enjoyed the nattering on about pajama shorts. Really! It made good sense and was fairly comprehensible. And you did preface it all with "it's before 8 AM here" to set your context.

Carrie said...

1- I keep thinking of the scene in the Peter Pan cartoon movie when he yells "PIXIE DUST" and Tinker Bell covers the whole ship with dust so it can fly the kids home. That's weird that you would also talk about one of the ingredients for flying.

2- maybe I'll put the bit about the PJ's back up. I guess it's a "cultural observation" and deserves to be here.