Tuesday, July 22, 2008

but omg, i really did get a reversible sweater thing!

I listened to Sufjan Stevens for about all of yesterday, and I think I'm over wanting to pinch his little cheeks and tell him how much he's grown. At least for a good while.

I'm about to go to lunch. I'm not even hungry, but that's how much I love lunch!

When I come to update here, I feel like I've already said everything in the Studies blog. Maybe I need to better differentiate the blogs. It's nicer to have the whole experience in one place, and since the Studies blog is the most verbose, it pulls in all the other details as well. I come here and find myself with nothing left to talk about besides "What in the world is my hair doing lately?" or "OMG, y'all, I got a totally cute reversible wrap yesterday!"

Last night in bed, I watched Bollywood for an hour. But the thing is, the sound on my TV doesn't work. So I watched Bollywood with the sound off. It's OK because I already knew most of the songs for the videos, and I could just listen in my head. I noticed a lot more details about the choreography, too. This is probably what my friend Jay does when he'd bedridden from back surgeries. Except I had no excuse but laziness.

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unicornapple.com said...

Ok, then you'll have to link your studies blog for me. I actually do need to hear about how your hair is doing and your new reversible sweaters (what color is it?). These things are important. I'm in Texas.