Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my studies wear me out

I've made several update in the Studies blog, and once again I have no energy or creativity to update this blog.

S informs me that I probably have some horrible dermal parasite which hasn't manifested yet. Yes, I used her initial because of confidentiality purposes. like you can't figure it out if you cared.

I can't believe it's almost 7, and I've been at the computer for hours. It turns out the computer lab is a sociable place, though, and I've met several people. One girl is going to take me out and show me the campus tonight, since I keep getting lost. Everyone here is the Nicest Person I've Ever Met, making Punjab my favorite state. Or at least Chandigarh my favorite city. In the world. Maybe that's going a bit far, but I feel wonderful about it right now. Except about the S key on this keyboard.

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unicornapple.com said...

oh, it's not that horrible. one hit of meds and you're good. It's the idea. ugh, the idea.