Friday, August 31, 2007

more ads that don't make sense

If I had my camera phone, I would just show you this simple billboard ad rather than the over-explanation I'm about to go into. But, in the frat district of UT, there is a billboard for Natural Light beer that I pass every day on the way to school. It is of a man's hand reaching out of a shower for his Natty Light, and there are just the words "Been There" underneath. It's pretty straightforward. Except for the question: is this an ad for beer? Or for AA? Because honestly, and I know I'm not in the frat demographic they are targeting, I don't think I have ever "been there." And if I had "been" where I was drinking my cheap-ass alcohol from inside the shower because I couldn't go 6 minutes without, I don't think I'd want a whimsical reminder of it to try to sell me some more failure.


Anonymous said...

I almost peed on myself Carrie. And then I read your next entry and it is 2:40 and I am alone in my office laughing like a maniac. I am so glad that the faculty retreat is this weekend and no one can hear me....
Love Leigh

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! laughed when I read this. Then my merriment was replaced with anxiety, because I frequently drink a glass of wine while soaking in the bath. But that's different, right?