Friday, August 31, 2007

one more character

One more person from my summer statistics course was the kid that sat right in front of me every day. The only thing I ever heard him say was the last day, when he said, to no one, "Dude's funny," about Crackers, the class clown. One odd thing about this kid was that he wore the exact same shirt, every day we had class. It's very possible he got a bunch of them for free or something, so I won't make fun of that fact (maybe he's very poor! Or doesn't value fashion! I have respect for those things really!). But I will make fun of the shirt itself which said:
If you can read this
You must be wearing Focus contact lenses.

Since I had every single classtime to contemplate the inanity of the statement, I of course now have to share it with all of you. It took me a while to stop expecting "thank a teacher" to be the second line, so the first indignity is the implication that being able to see the letters is the hard part of reading. Hey! Learning to read was hard and it sometimes is still hard! If I have dyslexia, Focus contact lenses are not helping! But your blue font does make it difficult to focus on the text, so thanks for that! Also! I am NOT wearing Focus contact lenses, and I would imagine the vast majority of people are able to read that are also NOT wearing Focus contact lenses, so you lose all credibility with your "must." After a summer of getting unreasonably angry about this, I'm pretty determined not to ever, ever get Focus contact lenses.

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