Wednesday, December 06, 2006

me: mom, you know how sometimes i forget my credit card at home? and i forget i forgot my credit card at home, until i get to the front of the grocery line? but i have that emergency credit card you gave me a long time ago?
mom: yeah.
me: and so every once in a while i use that to pay for stuff?
mom: yeah... have you done that again?
me: yeah, i bought a lot of frozen lunches today at the grocery store, and had to use your card.
mom: that's ok
me: that's so great that that's ok. thank you. oh, and i also might have charged like a few dollars at the coffee shop yesterday because i was so cold.
mom: oh, ok, just like a few dollars?
me: yeah, like $5 because . oh oh! and also, maybe part of a meal at a thai restaurant.
mom: ....
me: and...
mom: ummmm
me: .... i think i lost my credit card. again.
mom: and your debit card?
me: oh, i lost that months ago.

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