Monday, December 11, 2006

AND yes. because i'm supposed to be smarting myself up with study, i instead am remembering all the important things that i needed to update. things that kept making me smile today:
  • me: [pretending to be snobby. pretending, honest!!] what could be better than having LoneStar while riding in the back of a sweet honda civic you ask? well, i for one would prefer martinis riding along the countryside in daddy's jaguar.
    guys who like cars in the car with me: [snickering]
    me: what?
    guys: more like sipping your martinis on the side of the road as you wait for AAA to come get all the way out to the countryside to tow your jaguar back to town.
  • one of the same above guys earnestly informing me that he did not put any rupees in my LoneStar. i believed him, too!

1 comment:

mep said...

rupees in your LoneStar... the exchange rate on rupees is terrible!