Monday, December 18, 2006

i think it was my brother who once gave me the very sweet advice to "stop being such a bitch." and i don't mean that sarcastically. it was sweet because it implied i am not always a bitch, but i was being one right then. i'm sure there's a verb tense for that in russian. anyway, starting today, i am going to stop being such a bitch. which is going to be hard because i'm not going to be getting much sleep this week.

last night my friend said i looked like the cat that ate the canary. so, resolution #1 of my new goal: stop smirking so much. basically, if i can get it down to smirking 50% of the time, that'll be an improvement. if i can keep the corners of my mouth from curling quite so much, i will instantaneously stop being SUCH a bitch.

is it lame of me to get thrilled when i have an alphebetizing job? i get down on the floor and begin sorting, sorting, sorting all these proxy forms, and i feel so content. it would be even better if i had my ipod.

syzygy: i was thinking "if only there were a course i could take on telling my heart how to behave." and then i read the description of the Informal Class: Claiming Your Emotional Intelligence. It was perfect! Of course there are more details to that story, but I'm not going to tell them because I am Not a Bitch.

Discovery of the weekend: Triumph Cafe. Also, don't assume spice jars come with those tops that are for sprinkling. If you make that assumption, you could very well pour half the jar of spice on your food. Twice.

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