Sunday, April 02, 2006

joyful, joyful we adore thee

Here are further pleasant thoughts:

TB once told me that in an interview with Hugo Weaving, he admitted to owning both an Elrond and an Agent Smith action figure. He said he sometimes would make them fight. And "usually, Elrond wins. Because he is so wise." But what would happen if he throws V into the mix?

Things I probably would do for Natalie Portman:

  • Blow up Parliament
  • Stop taking anti-psychotics
  • Sleep next to her to dull the pain of her slain husband
  • Randomly adopt her and teach her the secrets of my trade
  • Save her. With my new Powers

Today, I enjoyed Inside Man and V for Vendetta. I was shocked that three separate people walked out on V for Vendetta, though! One even yelled a snide comment to the rest of us as he left.


TB said...

I love the graphic novel a lot, and still liked this movie plenty. I love Hugo Weaving so so much. I kept imagining his weird little face behind that mask and wanting to smooshy kiss him. Smooshy smooshy smooshy kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the graphic novel it is more heavily implied that V is gay and is way more clinically psychotic than in the movie. But still, so romantic.

Carrie said...

yes kisses!

my mom told me a review said it was Phantom of the Opera meets 1984. i'm glad i didn't think of that during the movie and ruin the whole thing---because i am so completely in love with hugo weaving right now. i really wanted to watch the matrix after i got home, but i don't have it.

TB said...

Haaaa for some reason the first Hugo Weaving movie I wanted to rewatch after V was Priscilla, Queen of the Desert He is really excellent in that! Also, hideous.

Yes, I had the phantom of the opera thought too, but the comparison didn't offend me because I was minorly obsessed with it for a couple weeks in high school. In my defense, it was a book first and not just an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and some crappy movie. Though I never read the book so I have no excuse.

Carrie said...

Oh! I read the book! Does that exonerate me? Please please please....

I forgot he was in Priscilla, which I never saw all the way through. In fact, I only watched the first 20 minutes, 11 years ago, with Lee, who now lives in Austin, too. What are the odds? Maybe I'll invite her over to finish watching it.

Regarding The Matrix, I hadn't seen it in a while, and I wished to see some fightin'. I would have watched Fellowship, but I heard someone complain recently that archers were told to "hold your fire," and that annoyed them beyond belief. I didn't want their nitpicky anachronism to ruin my enjoyment, which it may well have.