Thursday, April 27, 2006

Down the old black hole
Once for you, once for me
Once for the nighttime

I don't have anything to post. I just feel I should write something.

Something something something.

I'm tired. I'm tired of working. And I'm tired of feeling guilty for not working when I'm not working. And I'm tired of worrying about the 5 exams and a paper on social psychology that are due next week. Because woah holy crap 5 exams and a paper, you know?

TinyBehemoth sent a link to an article about Megan McCafferty's books being plagiarized. So this might be a good time to plug Charmed Thirds, which I haven't read, but maybe I will after all this stuff goes down with exams and houses and loans and work and exhaustion.

I got my boss a card today. I am pleased with the lettering job I did on the inside.

I did finally have a dream. It was pretty substantial, but it evaporated like dew in the morning. I posted the residue. Ha. Residew.
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