Friday, April 07, 2006


So, this was just a tiny bit odd, so I thought I'd update it.

A few weeks ago, when I went climbing, we had to learn some knots with which we tied ourselves to the rock.

The main one was the figure-8 knot, to the left. The way I knew when it was done correctly was, I told myself, when it looked like The Auryn from Neverending Story (Below)

The coincidence happened when MimiSmartypants used the word ouroboros, which had been bugging me since the climbing day because I couldn't think of it. Now I'm all jealous that she got to use it. But more grateful that she answered my question. How often does that word come up, though? If not for that update, I could have been waiting years.

Also weird is that all day, I've been pining after PJ Harvey (this happens every once in a while), and MS's sign-off phrase was from a PJ Harvey song, from the same album as the one that's been stuck in my head.

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