Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Family Quotes

Nonnie: I saw your friend Debby from high school the other day. She's so sweet.
Mom: Yes. Yes, she is. She's always so happy.
Nonnie: Yes.
Mom: Yes.
Nonnie: Not too bright, though.
Mom: No, I couldn't say that she is.
Nonnie: She told me she slipped on the sidewalk the other day, and hit the back of her head. And then it obsessed.
Mom: Obsessed, huh? You've gotta be careful of that, I guess.
Nonnie: Yeah. Well, I'm going to go on and watch Wheel, I guess.
Paw: [in background] You're abscessed with Wheel!

[the credits roll on War of the Worlds. Mom and Dad sit quietly, mild consternation settling in on their faces]
Dad: They got some splainin' to do.

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