Monday, January 30, 2006


I am not getting one good idea! Despite this brand new webpage, my own ideas factory (ie my head) continues to be fed only workdays, comic books and music to digest. I need to get out more.

I downloaded a bunch of MP3's that came up with the search "subliminal." I'm all about learning without having to think about it. I hope it works just like that episode of Saved By The Bell. Wait, no I don't. Anyway, there was a series on reading people like a book and starting conversations. Or I thought it was a series. The reading body language one was a legitimate hone-your-businessman-worthiness kind of tape. But the one called "How to Start A Conversation" was, I can only assume, aimed at autistics. The author reading it also sounded mildly autistic. He was also so painfully awkward reading his own words, I kept bursting out laughing every minute or two. Oh, I'm going to the hell they keep for people who laugh at the mentally challenged, but a bright spot is that my whole family will be there (I should upload to this site some stories, for relavance, in this case, Zippy and The Twins).

I wonder what other stories I should salvage. Maybe the story of Me and the Maids. There's always my favorite of Willie shaving his eyebrows because he THOUGHT HE LOOKED LIKE AN APE MAN. I'm suddenly sorry not to have an email I wrote when I was 14, and another I wrote when I was 15. I also regret having sent them to their recipients.

Enough with the past. It's time to sleep. Or listen to music. Or maybe listen to this subliminal recording on achieving deeper, more restful sleep.

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