Monday, October 17, 2011

Yet More Gray Fabric ($4) and cookie tin (free giveaway)

I’m like a magpie for gray fabric! I think I feel like because I haven’t actually started making the costume yet, I’m at least accomplishing something by getting more and more fabric. But it’s getting ridiculous. I'm adding pictures to the other entries, by the way. I’m going to try to remember to take pictures of these things. That would make it more interesting, don’t you feel?

I found a woman who had a listing for several fabrics, and it looked like some of them were gray. So I wrote and asked. Her name was Libertie, and she indeed had some gray scraps. We agreed it was easiest to meet at her work down south.

Simultaneously, I had listed a large cookie tin on the Free section of Craigslist. Mark was interested, and we finally got our schedules together, and he would meet me at Libertie’s work, too.

Despite my GPS not working, the directions were simple enough that I didn’t get lost. I was even able to give Mark directions well enough that he didn’t get lost either (this is a big deal for me)!

The parking lot was almost deserted because it was 7. It was also kind of dark. I guess it was a sketchy, now that I think about it, but I usually don’t think about that kind of thing. I go with my gut. And my gut said these were two nice people and this would go well.

Mark showed up before Libertie was done closing up the building. I gave him the cookie tin. We joked about whether it was worth all the trouble—it had been a weeklong saga of working out our schedules, and both of us were a bit out of our way. He said he was going to use the tins to keep seeds because it keeps bugs out well. He took it back a little and said “Well, not ants. And they’re the worst.” So I was amused that it didn’t really do its job, but I was pleased with the cookie tin’s next incarnation as a gardening tool. My boss had given me cookies in it last Christmas, and it seemed too nice to throw out, so it had just been taking up room for a year.

Libertie came out a minute later and we went to her blue Yaris, just about the only other car in the lot. She had brought a few other fabrics she thought I might be interested in. They were all Halloween themed. I guess I’d told her the cloth was for a costume, but didn’t mention what it was. It was really nice of her to bring them, though.

The fabric she brought was a perfect color for the primary flight feathers (see diagram).
Yep, I'm doing research.

I wanted to give her more than $4 (I know, the opposite of a Craigslist deal), but she said no. I could see she must have gotten them in a bargain bin herself because there were price tags on the scraps. I was getting a deep discount on a discount, so I was very happy.

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