Sunday, October 16, 2011

I have started blogging again...just not here

Hi! If you still check my blog after more than a year of no posts, you are a good friend indeed. So I will let you know that I did start blogging recently, here:

The blog is vaguely centered around Craigslist transactions. Since I have so many, and they have to do with my life, I'm hoping it'll be a good focal point and remind me to update periodically. I'm also going to try to proof read the entries a bit better than I did for the 10 years of this and previous blogs.

You can sign up to get the posts emailed to you, too! Convenient!

Mom, do this--copy this text (highlight the text then click Ctrl and "c" at the same time):
If you are in Internet Explorer, go to the top of the screen and click "Tools" then click on "Internet Options" in the menu that opens. In the "General" tab, which I think is the first one, click in the box that is asking for the "Address" of your home page, then paste (Ctrl and "v" at the same time). Click OK.

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Yard Art said...

where is your new blogsite?