Tuesday, June 16, 2009

things to count on

I am grateful that I have friends and family and cats who love and understand me, or if they don't quite understand me, they accept me. If I meet a person that's not true of, well, then, I do truly believe it is their loss. Because I have really awesome friends, and I can't believe they're all mistaken in liking me.

Most of the time, this is how I feel. The rest of the time, I'm lying in bed crying to Xander and telling him my Saddest Stories.

Oh, I can also count on this video to cheer me up:


Ellen said...

Cats are so good for crying to! Hope it helps.

Carrie said...

Xander really comes into his own when I'm crying. It's like he withholds the affection for the times I really need it.