Monday, November 17, 2008


I will definitely be using some of these songs in this coming week's show. Except, alas, not Ginny's. Who, incidentally, is probably the only one who might actually listen to all of these.

(sadly not actully a video:)

Also not the video, for some reason:

The sole result for "weasel rationing"


ginny said...

Oh man, Carrie. I LOVE them!!! Especially the first one! Though the lyrics to the second one are cuter, the first one has more ukulele virtuosity! I've actually never seen The Jerk, you know, although I knew it involved ukulele. I certainly hope I remain the only hit for "weasel rationing!" I'd hate for someone else to take over my weasel rationing cred!

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

Yes, the second one is precious, but I love the first one. I love the version of him shaking the maracas lazily and drinking wine with the other hand.

Here's one more that I'll probably play (the original album version of course). It's a sweet sweet song, and kept me sane more than a few times in India.

ginny said...

Oh, how sweet and sad that one is! I like the arpeggio ukulele too.

ginny said...

Carrie! Just today, John Hodgman linked to this page of renditions of "Tonight You Belong to Me" on his blog! It is like you were thinking on the same wavelength!

Jamie said...

wait, Carrie, I love the maraca and wine shake too! But who ARE these people?