Tuesday, November 04, 2008


  • All the hopes that you've been holding on to for so long
    Ohh, sometimes it takes a night to fall

So, tonight was the best night ever. Obama...well, no words can describe the feeling.

But just as CNN called the election, Andy and I beat my high score on Word Challenge (Facebook game). And Katia's unbeatable score.

Now what remains is to beat this night, and even this day (14 hours of sleep and doing jack all day).

What if Bush was elected to create such animosity towards the republican party so that Obama could win so soundly? I think in terms of fate a lot. What if Obama is going to be so good that the last 8 years fade to nothing? I've never had this much hope after an election.

  • Basia Bulat, In the Night


Ellen said...

I've had a glow ever since the results started coming in. It was like Christmas morning. I'm really sad I'm not in the U.S. to celebrate, although most of the international people I know here are thrilled to see Obama win.

Is Basia Bulat cool? I heard about her on NPR and thought she sounded awesome, so if you endorse her too, I'm buying something of hers.

Jamie said...

I feel GREAT! It really is magical.

ps. I'm gonna beat you on word challenge.

Carrie said...

I love Basia Bulat. She's the pinnacle of my radio show today. Find her video for "In the Night" it will make you smile as much as "President Obama."