Thursday, August 14, 2008

something amazing happened

I'm home, first of all. I made it, and my cats are happy to see me, and my family are happy to see me. And all that. And tomorrow I'm going to see multiple doctors, but not the one that can deal with this horrendous cold I've come down with.

But here's what happened at the airport: as I was boarding the plane, I was informed that I'd been upgraded to business class for the 14 hour flight. It was a miracle. This post has not much information or entertainment value, but I had to share this important milestone in my life.


jennifer said...

YEA! Welcome to the first class club! Wasn't it amazing? A few more days and I will be where you are. I can't wait!

Katie said...

Welcome home, you lucky business class flying thing, you!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome home! Superb. Say hi to your folks for me. It was only a year ago that we went to White Linen night.