Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I got a hotel in Paharganj, and I actually like the area after all (it is the area where last time, when we stayed here after Varanasi, there was no electricity and no water, when all we wanted was a shower and AC; this time I have a slightly nicer hotel). But weirdly, after I'd been trying idly to find this bike shop since, as I said, three months ago when I came, it's right next door to the hotel I happened to get. Awesome!

I'm trying to find a non-dodgy theater (bike shop people said the one right next to me is bad news for Western ladies) so I can catch up on US movies. I have a lot to see this summer. Dark Knight, of course, being first on my list. Actually, that's all I can think of right now, but really there are lots of movies to see, aren't there? I missed the end of Indiana Jones when (don't read!) the crystal aliens completed their intelligence module and launched into space. Unless Alex was messing with us. This is probably as accurate a movie about alien culture as Temple of Doom was about India. I haven't had any chilled monkey brains here yet, but maybe it's because I keep saying "veg" and not "non-veg."


Anonymous said...

Fate is funny. I'm enjoying your blog a great deal. I won't be in Charlottesville, but we need to plan a visit after you come down from your travels a bit. A bike shop? Are you riding now? I went to Denver, took my bike, and managed to pack two rear wheels and no front wheel!

Carrie said...

too bad about not seeing you in va...but as fate would have it, I might be in Albuquerque in September. It's a very small chance, but who might work out. That would be great!

Not riding....yet!!