Sunday, September 30, 2007

С днём рождения

Happy Birthday Katya and Alexis! (I think I got this right--sorry it's so late in the day, though).

I have nothing to offer you but links. Everyone has crushes on Maria Bamford, and perhaps you will, too, after watching her show on SuperDeluxe:

It's the Maria Bamford show!


alexis/sasha said...

Spasibo bol'shoe Carrie!! And to you too -- yours was just a few days ago, right?

alexis said...

wow -- at first, i wasn't so sure, but then . . . i got addicted.
she's fantastic.

Carrie said...

Yes, I just really want to be her friend! I'm jealous of my friends who are in cities she's touring in right now (you included).

I always worry I get the Sept/October birthdays jumbled up. Hope you had a good one whenever it was. Yep, mine was September, too--it's a nice reminder that there are 6 of my friends' birthdays and anniversaries coming up.