Monday, March 13, 2006

Pervy Holy Ghost

Sorry, my posts have been without great words lately. Oh no! So much for that theme. I'll get back into it. I'm just posting to make sure Ginny remembers one other detail about thrift shopping:

In St. Michael's thrift shop, in the dressing room, there was a wordy notice about how the Holy Ghost is always watching over us, and we should remember that when we could be stuffing lots of clothes in our pockets. That wasn't the wording. It was just the invocation of the Holy Spirit as a theft deterrent. Because people who believe in such an entity are probably less likely in the first place to steal from a Catholic shop.

Speaking of Catholic, have I mentioned I've given stuff up for Lent this year? Yep. Just to have a reason to give stuff up I'd been meaning to for a while anyway, really. But it's hard to do it all at once. I've given up coffee, sodas, fast food, and fish. In recent years, I've become more and more ichthyophagous (ah HA! That's as good as word as you'll get this update), so no fish at all for six weeks, and if that's hard, then I'll know it has become not so much a "special exception" as a "reasonable alternative." Do people usually give up food related stuff? Because I just realized all my things are food. I'm also giving up not smoking, then, just for variety.

Oh, okay, I thought of another word I can slip into the "Gargalesis" update, which might make up for this morning's update having no good words. It will be a seemless transplant. See if you can spot it!


TB said...

I just read the first chapter of Homeland by Sam Lipsyte, and the narrator says you can skip Lent on weekends and when someone is being hospitable

I am not sure if he's lying

Carrie said...

Yeah. That's not true. I mean, that't between you and god, I guess. If he doesn't give you credit for even attempting Lent, well, at least you won't be lonely in Hell.