Thursday, March 30, 2006

more good news

I thought this was well put, from Katy.

Urgh. The only update I can muster right now only belongs in my Journal O' Depression. So I guess I won't update.

Oh, I can report some good news after all. I went rock climbing, and it was lovely weather. Some camera phone pictures have been uploaded.

And further good news, I will report this conversation I had with a girl I was climbing with on Monday. She had long hair, and was thin, and I wouldn't say beautiful right off to describe this girl, but she was. I thought she could maybe be in high school. But she had a really, really husky kind of voice, and a huge glasses. No one in high school would wear glasses that huge.


Me: My hands are still hurting from climbing. It's hard to grip anything.
Her: Yeah, I just can't get callouses.
Me: [not understanding that statement] Why? Have you tried before or something?
Her: No, I mean, I CAN'T get callouses [this stress, in light of her actual meaning, is confusing]
Me: Why?
Her: Because of my job.
Me: Oh, oh, I see. You need soft hands for something? Are you a masseuse?
Her: No.
Me: ahem. Okay. I'm out of guesses.
Her: I'm a dancer.
Me: A... dancer? Do you need soft hands to be a dancer?
Her: I mean.... an exotic dancer.
Me: [am I being naiive, is she talking about prostitution?] You need soft hands to be an exotic dancer? [I begin climbing on, in case she is talking about hand jobs, so she doesn't have to talk about hand jobs. Because, how grim!]

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