Wednesday, February 02, 2011

One good thing

Miserable at work. I will try an exercise starting today. One good thing about my day or my life each day.

I've tried this before. Let me try again, until something changes for the better and it's no longer necessary.

I'm kicking ASS at D&D. It's not a competitive game, but I'm sitting in on these trials my boyfriend's group is doing. I've come in first on two of the three trials. Yeah. If you ever need pulsing swarms in your dreamworld pyramid shrine taken care of, just call on Shakhti the deva invoker / angel. Ditto for a group of kalashtar civilians that can morph into fireballs after a few rounds. That is my specialty.
(sent from phone; this is my account)


Darlene Dickerson said...

I just happened to look at this site and am so glad to find something new! Love you, my girl.

Yorba Linda Blinds said...

One good thing for me is to love your work & everthing else will follow.