Friday, March 26, 2010

on the air

Here are some things that have happened in interviews.

1) I was talking to JM before the interview and mentioned I was narcoleptic (somehow I thought this would make him feel better about being drunk). Later on the air, he said:
JM: "Oh, right...cause you're a necro....necro....what is it?"

Me: "Narcoleptic."

2) I was talking to DG and CR, high school friends, about their band. I was trying to sound all knowledgeable even though I wasn't very well prepared for the interview.
Me: "So, C, you did some kind of internship with a film. Is that why you like to make your own videos?"
CR: "And I majored in film at NYU."

Me: "Haha...oops...well, D, you majored in music, isn't that right?"

DG: [pause] "Philosophy."

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