Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Music Monday: dublab listing

Here are the notes Andy and I took. Links where available.

*"Final Breaths of a Main Character" The Woods [
"The Magic" Hecuba
Between 2 Ferns: John Hamm (here are all of the BETWEEN TWO FERNS, including some others)
"Busdriver" Me Time
"Die Slow" Health
"You Saved My Life" Cass McCombs
Food: Episode 1 [PF Chang's and MSG]
*"Suite for Ma Duke" Hoc n Pucky
***"Hatari" tUnE-yArDs WOW!!!!
Between 2 Ferns: Natalie Portman
"Witch Cult" Broadcast/The Focus Group
*"Fables" Dodos [unexpectedly hot xylophonist]
*"This Must Be It"? Royksopp
"Hole to Feed" Depeche Mode [ugggggh]
*"Pon de Flor" Major Lazer [ahahahahaa!]


"In the End" Mia Doi Todd [woman in back of truck at night; not sure we got the name/title right, can't find]
"King Rat" Modest Mouse
Between 2 Ferns: Bradley Cooper
*"Two Weeks" Grizzly Bear (alternate video here?)
"The Mirror" Alexandra Hope
"Not Camping with Tom Cruise" The Odd Days
**"Walking in LA" Kate Miccuci
"Una Carta a Mi" Tierra Quinta [River in Colombia] [can't find]
***Between 2 Ferns: Charlize Theron
"We're all in the Power" Exile
*"I Held My Arm in the Air All Night Just to be Safe" My Odd Days
"Hold On" AsDsska
***"Paddling Ghost" Dan Deacon [Natalie van den Dungen!]
"Open Your Heart" Mia doi Todd


Jamie said...

Charlize Theron? Wha'?

Carrie said...

Did you watch it? Oh my goodness I laughed so hard.