Wednesday, January 24, 2007

america, this is you

a few nights ago, hanging out with people i've been trying to impress by being cool, i not only selected America's Funniest Videos when given the remote, i laughed uncontrollably at the most egregious trauma-to-the-groin clips. oh no! made all the funnier by taking place at a wedding. so much for being cool

in my apartment complex, there are a few model-condos set up in my building to show to prospective buyers. all throughout the building, there are signs directing people "Models-->" or "<--Models" until you finally get to the right apartment number, which is labeled "Models." When Katy visited she asked "Umm... do models live there?" I don't know if it's funnier to think of the signs as the work of shamelessly self-promoting models, or as a crudely laid trap for models. Either way, the signs always amuse me as I'm walking home.

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Katie said...

The crudely laid trap is the one that made me snort out loud. The other is funny too, but there was no snorting when I first encountered it. Therefore, I must cast my vote for the latter of the two.